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The key stages of an embroidery by QUODAO

Quodao is an embroidery and textile printing workshop located in Le Mans (72000).

Their French know-how has been recognized for many years. Their principle is to work with the best suppliers on the market.

The company, on a human scale, is reactive to best meet needs.

Textile markings are carried out internally in their premises in France, in Le Mans.

This allows them to maintain a fully integrated process from the supply of the goods to the delivery, of course, through the marking. This mastery of the logistics chain makes it possible to be very responsive and attractive, and thus to best meet any type of need, from 5 to 5,000 pieces.

At Quodao, you can personalize your clothing and promotional items according to your needs and your budget thanks to 3 types of superior quality marking: embroidery on textile, digital printing and flocking).

Their textile customization process is divided into 6 stages:

• Transformation of the logo into an embroidery file (digitalization)

• Sending of the “Ready for press” for validation of the embroidery

• Installation of embroidery threads and preparation of machines

• Preparation of textiles on the frames to embroider

• Launch of embroidery

• Textile cleaning (cutting small threads, cleaning the protections put on the textile to protect it during embroidery)